Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Funny Stuff in the Speech

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Downtown and the French Quarter are so clean that it has become a buzz among tourists.

Other neighborhoods throughout the city are cleaner with uniformed collection carts lining the streets in the mornings and power washed streets.

In the mornings, C. Ray?
I also want to thank Councilman James Carter and the city council for organizing a comprehensive crime summit.

Would that be the one you blew off for a fundraiser, C. Ray?
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I’m calling for the state to help us in another way: To use its power to streamline the reimbursement process for making repairs of public facilities like police headquarters and fire stations.

The law allows you to advance to local municipalities 75 percent of all federally-obligated dollars.

This would get us past the stalemate of needing to first expend money before being reimbursed by the state.

No quick italicized comment here. This is possibly the one remaining area where I can still defend the Blanco administration. The state is responsible for any misspent federal funds. The state offered to turn rebuilding money over to the city if the federal government would relieve it of responsibility for misspent money. The feds more or less laughed at the suggestion; they must know just how well the mayor understands business.

He had another funny line, but that led to a profanity-laced tirade that I need to tone down.

Finally, very early I proposed a hard formula for awarding all federal disaster dollars based upon damaged buildings.

This would ensure the money got to the most heavily devastated areas.

These tough decisions have brought me more than my share of controversy.

He seems to be claiming that opening the entire city to rebuilding was a tough decision. That may, or may not, have been the right decision, but it certainly wasn't the tough decision. But he has quietly folded on his decision not to devote city resources to the most devastated areas.

Swear away, David. I can't stand watching him for more than a nano-second so we need ya, man.
Yes but the collection carts have uniforms!
My favorite parts were when you could tell the speech was winding down, then there was a noticeable change in cadence, then Nagin said something to the effect of "You know I'm off the teleprompter now," followed by Da Maya employing his baptist-preacher inflection, then the supplemental "It's not our fault" stuff.

Good times in Low Low Land.
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