Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Doesn't the Council Need to Approve it?

Yesterday's article about Nagin administration plans to spend $100,000 on a new PR firm didn't say where the money was coming from. If the council votes to approve a new expenditure, it will be just another sign of its fecklessness. It seems to me that that we've seen a couple of related stories. Also, at least one of the bidders is a frequent guest commentator on local TV and radio discussions of the Nagin administration -- he'll even be on WRNO after the mayor's speech tonight. Rob Couhig just pointed that out on his radio show, I had typed the last sentence before he said it. I wouldn't disqualify Anthony Patten as a political commentator, but WDSU should acknowledge the connection whenever he appears on the 10:30 show.

Since I'm listening to Couhig as I type this, I'll point out a factual error that he just made. Frederick Law Olmsted did not design City Park. His nephew designed Audubon Park.

New P.R. firm a State of the City address, could the Governors mansion be far behind?
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