Tuesday, April 03, 2007

An Overlooked Fact

"To be clear, because a lot of people miss this point, we do not yet have the cans in the FQ (and it's clean without them.)" email from a French Quarter resident

I've made it pretty clear that I was more interested in the contracts than the cans to begin with and everybody else must be sick of the cans by now, but the emailer who said that was right. Didn't really think about it until I felt compelled to quote it in a comment at Jeffrey's. I'm still afraid that, in other parts of town, the cans and greater clearance for the automated trucks will lead to more no parking signs and more trees being chopped down or having their limbs hacked off.

Quick train wreck alert:
"6 on your Side" is about to have a "courageous conversation" about name calling in the garbage can dispute. That'll be real fair and balanced on Charles Rice's station.

Ends up the topic was barely discussed. The panelists, Michael Cowan of Loyola, Anthony Patton of New Orleans Black and Jefferson Parish councilman Chris Roberts, all agreed that it was a sexist comment, but certainly not a racist one. They also (more or less agreed) that Lupin should resign. Part of the reasoning was that a chairman of a public board is responsible for setting the tone of meetings. So why hasn't anybody recommended that he resign as chairman?

We don't have our cans yet (Fountainebleau), and I was a little concerned they may have missed us because our trash pickup is in the rear on a different street (don't know the address), so I emailed the support@richards address on the form I printed out when I registered online. They said I would have it by April 30.
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