Saturday, April 21, 2007

Not Exactly a Contradiction

A recent article about garbage collection:
Other complaints owed to residents not realizing they have to call their contractor to schedule pickup of bulky items, such as furniture and tires, she said. Without an appointment, collectors will leave the debris at the curb.

An October article:
At least two major companies that sent representatives to that meeting said it was not their lack of interest but the city's impossibly demanding specifications that held them at bay, raising some questions about whether the winners will be able to live up to the contract terms.

In an Aug. 23 letter to White, Roddie Matherne, general manager of Houma-based SWDI, wrote: "Because of the onerous requirements in the specifications, we have decided against submitting a bid at this time. If the city decides to revise the bid specs to something more predictable, we would be happy to have an opportunity to . . . possibly submit a bid at a later date."

Matherne said last week that his company's concern lay predominantly in the requirement that the contractor collect unlimited amounts of bulky waste, a task that could get expensive if residents heap tires at the curb or if the Army Corps of Engineers quits collecting storm-related debris, as the agency is expected to do citywide by Jan. 1.

In the same October article:
But White said the contracts with Richard's and Metro offer far better trash-hauling services and are much improved over the city's deal with Waste Management, a contract she labeled "riddled with limitations."

Under the new contracts, she said, residents will get their money's worth in the collection of an unlimited amount of garbage and bulky items, including large appliances.

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