Monday, April 02, 2007

Hold Him to his Own Standards -- Part. 1

Nagin charged that Landrieu backers are going to want something in return for their generous contributions. link

The two also sparred over campaign contributions and patronage, with Nagin suggesting that the public will ultimately pay the price of Landrieu's sizable war chest in the form of contracts for cronies.

Nagin noted that it took him four years to raise $1.4 million, while Landrieu and Audubon Nature Institute chief Ron Forman, who finished third in the April 22 primary, raked in more than $4 million in just a few months.

Snell asked Nagin whether he wouldn't have taken the money if someone offered it to him, and Nagin replied: "I don't need that much money. Something else is going on with that." Times Picayune May 12, 2006

On Thursday morning, Mayor Ray Nagin unveiled his ambitious $1.1 billion recovery plan for New Orleans, promising to launch a long-awaited building boom by the fall.

About 12 hours earlier, the term-limited mayor had hosted a $2,500-a-couple fund-raiser that attracted many of the engineers, architects and consultants who hope to land some of that recovery work.

The take from the evening event at the new downtown Harrah's Hotel was "north of $200,000," according to David White, Nagin's campaign treasurer. Times Picayune March 31, 2007

That, of course, was the fundraiser that Nagin attended instead of a crime summit.

Somebody must have videotape of the Nagin commercial in which Nagin made an issue of Landrieu's fundraising. There's a reason why I included the full text of that second quote. A reason other than the fact that it demonstrates how the "pro-Landrieu" media constantly compared Nagin's fundraising (Nagin's questionably reported fundraising) to that of all his opponents combined.

Yea, that was so much more important than the crime summit huh? We know what his number one priority is now, don't we?
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