Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter Eggs

I'm at a total loss to explain one of the editorials in today's Picayune. With all the important local and national issues the editors could have written about, they chose to write about nepotism at the American Egg Board and Wyoming's entry into the White House's annual State Egg Display.

In addition to the trivial subject matter, the Times Picayune could certainly find nepotism closer to home to write about. I suppose that nepotism might have dissappeared from City Hall along with Charles Rice, or might not, but inside deals certainly haven't.

In another matter, Jim Brown speculated that Houston was to blame New Orleans current crime problem on Monday's show. Scroll down to Jim Brown - 4/2/07 - 8a to 9a
Guest: Fox News Legal Expert Craig Mitnick. At about 10 minutes into the recording, you'll hear him talk about Houston being the center for the Mexican drug traffic that comes into the United States, sending our criminals there was sending your kids off to college. Hard to believe that Jim Brown would come up with the best variation yet on the THANKS HOUSTON theme. I had dismissed what the guy, I think Don was the name, who called at about the eight or nine minute mark said about FEMA trailers and the crime problem until I saw Informed Sources last night; Picayune crime reporter Michael Perlstein said to expect a shocking report about the drug trade and FEMA trailers.

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