Thursday, March 08, 2007

Wikipedia Gets Something Wrong

The Nagin campaign sent out flyers to heavily white Republican neighborhoods quoting some local black leaders calling him "Ray Reagan", a reference to Ronald Reagan intended to be insulting, but which was seen more sympathetically among Republicans.[53]

The quote is from Wikipedia's article on the 2006 New Orleans mayoral election. I wasn't surprised when I scrolled down to see footnote 53:
#53 ^ Jarvis DeBerry. "Br’er Nagin’s enemies outfox themselves", Times-Picayune, 2006-05-26.

Wikipedia really should do something to make sure that its contributors know the difference between real reporters and op-ed page polemicists. As DeBerry should have known the pro-Nagin/anti-Landrieu flyers were sent out by the Greater New Orleans Republicans, a group of former College Republicans of which Jeb Bruneau was a past president.

By the admittedly unscientific method of judging by yard signs,there seems to be four candidates with a shot at making a runoff. One's a former president of a group that helped re-elect Nagin, and who started raising money to run for his father's seat before his daddy announced his resignation. One is the Republican Nick Lorusso. The other two are the Democrats John Holahan and Deborah Langhof. Since I haven't driven or cycled through most of Lakeview in a least a month, my method is even less scientific. It's possible I overlooked somebody, Brickman maybe. Whatever your politics, if you live in District 94, you have plenty of alternatives to Bruneau. Unless you like Nagin and family dynasties.

Two Additional Questions: Haven't voters all over the state, including District 94, demonstrated a strong desire for term limits? Yet Daddy Bruneau maintains that he wanted to leave on his own terms, rather than be forced out by term limits. Isn't that showing an utter contempt for the will of the voters?

umm. it's a wiki so you should be able to submit a correction yourself....
My landlord owns several houses in the area (presidents streets) and put up bruneau signs on every house he rents out. It sorta gives a false impression that the neighborhood is for bruneau when you drive through. hopefully signs don't equal votes.
Yeah, I can do the correction, but had just stumbled across that and didn't have time for the correction and the post. Wanted to get out the post before the election, in the absurd hope that it might do some good. Also, I wouldn't rush a correction of something that somebody seemed to put a lot of effort into.

I'm sure they'll be a runoff, i suspect that whatever Republican makes it will win, because Republicans seem more likely to vote party at the state and local level. It Louisiana I can't really blame them, but I hope it's not Bruneau. Of course, to any Repub that pointed out that Dems have controlled the legislature for decades, I'd point out that LABI has been the strongest lobby for decades and has helped to block any proposed environmental legislation that the oil companies didn't like -- including legislation requiring oil companies to fill in canals. Bruneau even advertises that he's LABI's candidate. I'm not anti-business, but look at LABI's sight, it's all corporate business.

Anyway, I hope you're right about the signs, Mac. I had noticed that a lot of the signs seem to be in front of what appear to be rental properties, that's not the norm. Judging by the number of signs, turnout won't be as low as predicted. but that's not saying much.
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