Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Thanks Vitty-Cent

Headline from today's paper:
Florida lawmaker wants VA hospital
He urges panel to kill plan for N.O. facility

Key paragraph:
Miller's isn't the only voice in Congress questioning the VA/LSU plan. McFaul said that "a couple dozen" members of the conservative Republican Study Committee in the House have raised concerns that New Orleans would flood in another storm and the joint venture was seen by LSU merely as a way of "propping up" a school to train doctors.

Figure out the Vitty-cent connection on your own, I have a very early morning ahead of me. Jeff Miller, the republican congressman in question, grandstanded before the Katrina committee about not evacuating on time, when, as the congressman from Pensacola, he knew full well how little advance warning New Orleans had. I'm not convinced that we've heard the last of moving LSU Medical School to Baton Rouge while we're on the subject.

In unrelated news, WDSU keeps introducing Charles Rice as a political analyst. Tonight's broadcast actually began with footage of the analyst watching Blanco's announcement on TV, who wants to see Charles Rice watching TV? On the panel discussion show that followed the 10 P.M. news, he was introduced as former New Orleans CAO, but not former Nagin CAO (very bottom of the link). Silas Lee was also one of the panelists. The problem isn't the connections, it's that the connection aren't disclosed. Of course, it's utterly absurd for Nagin to claim to face a hostile local media.

And Rice doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground politically.
I've never undstood why folks don't get "how little advance warning New Orleans had." I've always felt like the lone ranger banging that drum.
I can understand it in the case of normal citizens who have more important things to do than research he facts. Especially if they saw that S. Florida really did have a week's warning a month and a half later and don't know about cool fronts and hurricanes. But anyone like Sean Hannitty who's going to keep telling people that we five days warning is just a liar. And Rep. Miller who grandstanded about the failure to use the school buses certainly knows better, the hurricane was heading for his home three days earlier.
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