Saturday, March 10, 2007

Interesting Find

While looking for something for another post, I came across this from six years ago:
Instead, on March 7, the board approved Worthy and two new African-American partners, Cox Communications executive Ray Nagin and Mandeville real estate entrepreneur David White, to assume the Moraw contract and operate the rental business. The approval is pending a determination by the board's lawyers that the new company, Value Rental Car LLC, meets the agency's disadvantaged business certification standards.

According to a letter of intent submitted to the board, Nagin and White agreed to add $600,000 to the business and to help it buy 150 cars this year and grow to 250 cars next year. White will assume financial management of the business.

Nagin and White have contributed $13,500 to Morial since 1994, records show.

The local press doesn't find it at all questionable that Nagin re-appointed White to the aviation board.

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