Saturday, March 03, 2007

A High School Math Proof

The New Orleans Media Version:
There is absolutely no reason to question Nagin's performance as mayor.

Statement / Reason

The French Quarter is Clean/ Observable Fact


Started to post the above last night after after watching Informed Sources (more on that later), but was too tired after going out to add to it. Today's Picayune article about the city's surveillance camera contracts gave me second thoughts, but not too many. I'm really getting sick of hearing about the clean French Quarter, at least the way it's reported. Anyway, Dambala is far more qualified to comment on the matter than I. He even noticed the mayor's new-found frugality -- I will have more on that. BTW, Mark Kurt is either laughably innumerate, or he thinks he's dealing with a bunch of rubes. Maybe he just shares his former boss' belief in mathematical precision.

Disclaimer: I was by no means a high school math geek -- not that there's anything wrong with that. I liked and made A's in Geometry, but hated and made C's in Algebra. I did like the game-like aspects of doing proofs, and I've always liked figuring percentages.

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