Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Dirty Rice?

First article reprint. Sorry, couldn't resist it (the title) any longer. I'll edit down the future reprints to the key points. If you think the Republicans in Mississippi (or Washington, for that matter) are any more honest, read this. The link is to an AP story that was caried nationally, don't get the wrong idea from the lefty source.

Update: At least two of the companies mentioned in the article below have donated money to the mayor since his re-election.


LENGTH: 2747 words

HEADLINE: Storm work deals go to inside players;
Contracts could hurt state's image

BYLINE: By Gordon Russell, Staff writer


Weeks after Charles Rice left his post as chief administrative officer of the city of New Orleans in June, the city sanitation department sought to hire a contractor for storm debris removal.

The day before Hurricane Katrina made landfall, Mayor Ray Nagin signed a contract potentially worth tens of millions of dollars with Omni Pinnacle of Slidell.

Omni's offer wasn't the cheapest of the six offers the city received. But the city didn't have to pick the low bidder, an experienced firm, because the job was considered a professional service rather than a finite task.

City sanitation director Veronica White, who oversaw the selection process, was hired into her city post by Rice. Rice, meanwhile, has turned up on Omni's payroll in his new position as a lawyer. Omni has also been represented in contract talks with the city and the Army Corps of Engineers by Rice's brother, Terrence Rice, according to a corps official..

Remainder of article at Nagin Files.

The U. S.Army Corps of Engineers has a new public web site on the demolition and debris mission
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