Sunday, March 04, 2007


It's probably nothing, but Sean Bruno's first accounting job was with Deloitte & Touche. I've really got to see Left Behind.

It's probably not significant. I only came across that when I was looking for information to post about this article. It's hard to take even Midura and Head seriously on the subject of spending priorities when the council votes to spend close to $5M a year on utilities advisers. At least Head balked at spending $250K each on two accounting firms, one of which was Bruno & Tervalon.

I'm beginning to like Head more and more every day. Especially after I heard she busted Kurt's balls over the camera contract.
She's the most effective member of the council, at least the most effective member who plausibly be called a reformer. But it bothers me that she and Midura voted for the other contracts.

I'm not trying to be the William Proxmire of the local blogosphere. I'm convinced that the best way to combat local corruption is to question all discretionary spending and every new contract, there's too much of a political minefield in most instances to question the appearance of corruption. Even in the case of the blatantly shady dealings of the sanitation department which included the bombproof garbage cans, the OMNI Pinnacle/Dirty Rice deal and the recent contracts to campaign donors the local press and the city council seem afraid to ask too many questions. Why? I think it's because when questions about political connections were asked, O.C. Coleman made it obvious that 100 ministers would scream racism. It seems like you could finesse it somewhat by investigating costs rather than political connections. I suspect that Meffert's safe to go after because he didn't give a contract or two to Coleman and his boys.
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