Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Landrieus Are Coming

I've already commented on this at Adrastos', but Rob Couhig thinks that Mitch Landrieu will run governor to help his sister keep her senate seat, or something like that:
If Blanco doesn’t run, Mitch almost has to if he wants to remain a force in Louisiana and help his sister retain her spot in the senate. Even if Blanco runs, Mitch may feel he has to run in order to keep the seat from being in someone else’s hand the following year while Mary runs and for the foreseeable future while he continues to cut ribbons.

On the 2/7/07-7a-8a show (some scrolling required, while link works) he goes into a little more detail, explaining that the "Democrat" candidate will be somebody with a "vested interest." Mary Landrieu will be up for re-election in two years, and "they're" going to need somebody in a position to help her. You can almost hear hear the wheels turning.

I guess Couhig wants to do as much for the state as he did for the city. He must be really proud of the way his man in the mayor's office is running the city just like a business.

Gosh, Couhig is a shortsighted idiot.
The more I think about this the more I've convinced myself to go against the CW which says Mitch shouldn't run. IF he learns the lessons of his last race and can run a serious, imaginative and aggressive campaign I think he's got as good a shot as any prospective candidate to beat Jindal.
Couhig is nuts.

The Republicans see Mary a vunerable, because of demographics, but her Senate performance and incumbancy will keep her seat for her, although she can expect to be challenged every time she runs.

The only real danger I see for her is if she becomes too close to Hillary if Hillary is the Democrat candidate. I just can't see Hillary winning or even coming close in Louisiana.

Mitch will only run if Blanco drops out.

Any Democrat candidate has an uphill fight against Blanco's performance and demographics.
I predict Blanco will be asked to drop out. She has no chance of winning.
Since Couhig still has a role in the Nagin and now has his radio platform, people need to demand that he explain his role in both the election and the 100 day smokescreen before he tries to have any more influence on either state or local politics. Rob, if you're
reading this, you promised us transparency and accountability at the end of 100 days. The Nagin administration still answers questions about city finances with demands for written FOIA requests. Either you deliberately lied to us, or you were lied to. It's just that simple.

Before the road home fiasco, I was prepared to make arguments for why Blanco was an acceptable candidate for re-election, or, why I'd give her passing (just passing) grades as governor. That was before, now it would be just silly to try. But, between her inarticulateness and the local media's hatred of, or disdain for, her, she was probably toast before then. I know blaming the media is bad form, but look at the difference between the local and national coverage of the document dump. Even the Washington Times was kinder to Blanco than the T/P. And it only seems to be hard core Republicans and Picayune readers who think that it was a mistake not to federalize the guard. I suspect that individual members of the media are affected by the terrible impression she gives on TV, conversely they seemed to be influenced by Nagin's famous charm. That seems to be especially true at the Picayune. Kid of ironic that people in the more in-depth print media are so swayed by the impression that Blanco gives on TV, that they add to that impression in print. I have a lot of theories as to why the T/P is so much kinder to Nagin than Blanco (and this predates the Road Home fiasco), that's one of them. It's probably a few things.
Got too long-winded in my Blanco/Nagin rant. To add to what Jeffrey said, it took Ali two tries to beat Frazier; if memory serves, Foreman as well. If he were a present day politician, at least a present day Democrat, he'd have missed half of his career. Of course, Jimmy Young wouldn't have been robbed.

I know that's not a particularly original thought, and Kerry just showed why he doesn't deserve a second chance.
I wanted to write something about this, but I got too bleeping mad.

Couhig is one of the reasons this city is not rising above the bullshit. He's a human chicane to progress.

Couhig and Boulet have to answer why the bleep they endorsed Nagin...they're both on that 100 day fiasco, and neither one of them has said crap about it, other than Couhig saying that it wasn't really 100 days. Mook.
Blanco will be asked to drop out, probably already has been by some people who want her job.

I think to win the Democrats have to come together and field a single unity candidate in place of Blanco. If that were to happen Blanco might be prevailed on to drop out. She might do it anyway and the Democrats will almost certainly lose.

I think only John Breaux could broker such a deal, if he has any interest in doing it.
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