Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Hanlon's Razor?

Get Real! As a general rule, I hate exclamation points. But some things call for either exclamation points or profanity. This certainly qualifies:
A federal employee involved in what one investigation called "a jaw-dropping example of bureaucratic bungling" in the Gulf of Mexico drilling program has been promoted to a post overseeing private oil and gas exploration in federal waters nationwide.

Chris Oynes, who for 13 years has run the Gulf regional office in Louisiana for the Minerals Management Service, was elevated by Director Johnnie Burton to be associate director in Washington, D.C., for the agency's offshore program.

In a statement Monday, Burton lauded Oynes' 30-plus years of government experience regulating offshore drilling and his "solid leadership" after the 2004 and 2005 hurricanes rocked the Gulf drilling industry.

The same genius who cost the federal government $10B, possibly $60B (scroll down for complete story) is now overseeing all offshore oil and gas production. To paraphrase Bob, act like a dumb shit, and Bush will treat you like an equal. Maybe, it should be act like a dumb shit, and you'll get away with murder. But seriously, that's some fucked-up shit. Guess I should say, that's some fucked-up shit!

I like it when you curse.
Damn, David you're letting down the anti-exclamation point side.
We truly are living the Book of the SubGenius these days. "The long slow march into slacklessness..."
Maybe this guy should go work for private industry, he could have made twice the money and been enjoying his retirement by now. I mean screw the american people they are a bunch of winey over observant bitches. I want the gold gimme the gold.
Thats some foocke dup shit
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