Friday, February 09, 2007

District 94 Special Election

I just posted about Jeb Bruneau at the Katrinacrat Blog, but didn't want to make a personal endorsement on a group site. To my way of thinking, there's one obvious choice: Deborah Langhoff. If you live in the district, be sure to vote. Even if you don't, if you're able to contribute...

I talked to her briefly at a rally last year, but other than that, we've never met. To my way of thinking, being an active member of CHAT counts for a lot more than being an incumbent's son. There is more.

Note: It should go without saying that my endorsing a candidate in no way implies that the candidate agrees with any of the opinions expressed on this blog.

If nothing else, update the post with a link to this post.
Thanks for this post. She will need some help to win over an incumbent's son.

But as the District 6 assessor's race showed, it can happen.
Well, Oyster, have you thought about mentioning Bruneau and the GNOR on your blog between now and the election?
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