Monday, January 15, 2007

Test Post

Blogger wouldn't let me save; a medium length post with several links just vanished. Let's see if it will let me publish.

Odd, anything I try to save just disappears. I decided months ago that I would aways save to word before trying to publish anytime I spent more than thirty minutes on a post. I guess the same goes for saving on blogger. but I'll probably forget that too.
I just struggled to put up a post too. Blogger keeps losing connection for some reason.
Like I said, from now if I spend more than a couple of minutes on a post, I copy and save to either Word or email before clicking either "save" or "publish."
Check your settings. Blogger has a "hide" setting so that when you look at your list of posts, you only see the ones that have been published, not the drafts. When you save a draft, it might be there but you can't see it!


Thanks, Tim. That was stupid of me. I had forgotten that I had played with the settings before that post and I noticed that some other bloggers wgo use "blogger" hadn't posted that day -- forgot that a lot of local blogers don't post much on weekends. That fact I first noticed it after "old blogger" had been down for maintenance caused me to jump to a paranoid conclusion rather than just think.
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