Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Talking Points

The other day I wrote:
I sometimes think that New Orleans bloggers (myself certainly included) don't emphasize key points often enough because they don't want to repeat what somebody else has already said.

In a televised interview Joe Lieberman said that we've spent over $100B on Katrina relief, unfortunately, I can't find a transcript to link.

Now da po'blog points out that Bush is saying:
Well, I gave a speech that I thought was necessary to give. On the other hand, I had been talking a lot about Katrina and about the fact that I worked with the Congress to get about $110 billion sent down to both Mississippi and Louisiana to help them on their reconstruction efforts.

That goes beyond spin. The $110B includes $20B to fund the federal flood insurance program, something that people around the country rely on. The actual flood insurance payouts were mandatory. Of course, the remaining $90B is misleading -- inflated contracts to politically connected firms, repairs to damaged military bases, reimbursement to school districts that took in evacuees, etc.-- and some of it went to Gulf States other than Louisiana and Mississippi.

I'd have a lot more respect for DINO-hunting northern liberal bloggers if they ever said anything about that lie. I did email a few links to DPB almost a year ago, didn't think it would be cool to pimp my own blog.

can sombody break down how much money missiissippi got and the other states and how much damage each state had? And a little thing got in the way in Louisiana during the Katrina clean up. It is called Rita.

There are a lot of "How come mississippi did so well after?" Myths I would like to stomp on!!
I first started trying to figure out the x billion dollar amount after reading something you posted on your blog questioning where the administration's numbers came from.


I don't think I mention (and link to) local bloggers enough. But I certainly do visit them.
You're more into making key talking points (that most people don't know) than getting on your own soapbox than just about any blogger I can think of. I was talking about doing that more than promoting each other.

I had no idea, but I can still remember doing a double take when Bush invented the new number in Bay St. Louis last January, and wondering why no reporters questioned it. They're paid to do that kind of thing, glad you figured it out.
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