Tuesday, January 23, 2007

More "Recommendations for Support," I Suppose

Back in November, FEMA thought that some of the city's requests involving overtime spending were somewhat suspect:
the city asked the Federal Emergency Management Agency to reimburse was an employee who earned $207 per hour after the storm; that employee normally was paid $23 per hour. Another worker earned overtime pay for 14 consecutive 24-hour days, the report says.

However, the Nagin administration said not to worry:
Speaking generally about the reports, a spokeswoman for Mayor Ray Nagin said she does not view the federal audit reports as a rebuke but as a guide to how the city should handle future reimbursement requests.

"I don't see this as allegations," spokeswoman Ceeon Quiett said. "I see it as recommendations for support."

Now that the Feds are questioning a ridiculous landfill deal, about which da po'blog has more, the mayor's spokeswoman is strangely...silent.

When FEMA conducted its November review, I said that the city needed an independent outside audit no matter what the costs, -- about three times what the city council voted to spend developing portable toilet seats -- and a serious recall effort, I really believe that now.

I've also thought that Nagin's "FEMA will pay for it" comment (about the expensive car removal contracts) would come back to haunt the city long after "Chocolate City" was forgotten. I don't know if that statement gave anybody in the federal government any ideas, but you don't talk about it publicly when you're scamming. At any rate, that statement is bound to be repeated if the city ever requests more aid from Washington.

On the other hand, I suppose that we should be happy that Nagin spends so much time traveling. When he stays home to try to run the city, he does things that give people like Jeb Hensarling orgasms.

I am sick and tired of ignorant comments from jackasses like Hensarling. This coming on the heels of the Chicago Bears taunts. Will the insults ever stop?
I am too, but that was bound to come to light. Nagin might have been too cocky to realize that, but the people who deliberately looked the other way share some responsibility. I don't know if it's fear of the bias charge or a misguided sense of civic duty that causes the Picayune to pull its punches.
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