Thursday, January 11, 2007

He's Nuts

I'm not just talking about everybody's favorite alpha male manque, I'm also talking about Bush supporter Stephen Sabludowsky (yeah that Sabludowsky):
Bush sees the Iranian nuclear threat, knows that Syria has destabilized Lebanon and Israel while funding the Hezbollah. He knows that Iran has threatened to destroy Israel and could put moderate Arabs at risk.
However, there is method to his madness. Bush is taking on radical Islam. He is ensuring the Middle East is not being threatened by Iranian nukes. And, unfortunately, he is doing it alone since to be obvious would shut down his ultimate goal—to stabilize the Middle East through the threat of force and if necessary, by force itself.

His sane colleague at BayouBias doesn't want the GOP to move toward the center.

On the opposite end of the sanity spectrum, Becky Houtman had a post about rebuilding last Saturday that might get overlooked because of the crime issue. It shouldn't be.

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