Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Boston Legal in New Orleans?

Not exactly a PSA, bit I've got to see this:
"Angel of Death"
Tuesday, January 9 @ 10/9c

Denny Crane and Alan Shore, joined by ambitious new attorney Vanessa Walker (Nia Long), head to New Orleans to defend a doctor accused of euthanizing patients during Hurricane Katrina. Meanwhile Claire Simms' new secretary, the cross-dressing Clarence, wants to file a lawsuit when he's kicked out of an all-women's gym, and Denise Bauer weighs the pros and cons of dating Jeffrey Coho.

That's on ABC. It can't be as funny as Bones.

It's one of my favorite shows but it wasn't one of their better efforts: too many Colonel Corpone accents.
As bad as the show was, it did make New Orleans look like a fun place to visit. It even showed us having beautiful prostitutes who brush their teeth, or who have teeth to brush. Of course, there is something to be said for toothless prostitutes.
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