Thursday, December 07, 2006

What an Asshole

Assuming the story's accurate:
Two independent inside sources reveal to that several members of the Congressional Black Caucus are sending staffers and campaign organizational personnel to aid Bill Jefferson in getting out his vote on Saturday in his close race against State Rep. Karen Carter.

Most notably, this news organization has learned that Texas Congressman Al Green is dedicating several staffers to the effort.

I'll admit to being biased against Jeff Crouere because of his past involvement in the GNOR, but read his latest column:
Some voters may opt to support “the devil they know” instead of taking a chance on a newcomer, especially one who is a social liberal. Carter’s strong support for very liberal causes, such as human cloning, late term abortion and gay marriage is way outside the mainstream for most voters in the district, especially the Jefferson Parish portion. For example, Carter was the only member of the Louisiana House of Representatives to vote against making human cloning a crime.
Will voters throw out a tainted incumbent or take a chance on a newcomer who is solid liberal on many volatile social issues?

At the very least, some of her positions might be a little more courageous than Jeffrey gave her credit for, in an otherwise excellent post.

Still, there's only one solid reason to vote for Carter that I can think of.

Clarification: The post was originally about Green and other congressmen coming in to help Jefferson, the epithet in the title refers to him. The rest of the post and the next were hurriedly thrown together to get out the point that Jefferson is trying to campaign on family values to a greater degree than people realize. I guess Jefferson's not really a hypocrite to bring up family values. I also believe that some Republicans are acting like values issues are of overwhelming importance in our new post-Katrina reality because they think that if Jefferson is re-elected and indicted, they can then elect a Republican. Crouere may honestly be reporting, but I'm convinced that Couhig thinks that. If nothing else, remember the bankruptcy bill.

He's going to win. I think we're all starting to get that feeling.

At least it certainly looks like that anyway.
All we can do is hope for an early indictment and resignation.

You'll get the chance to pick a better candidate.

I can't vote, not my district.
That logic is horrible, mominem. That's what Couhig's pushing for on his show, without saying it. Look what similar logic got us in the mayor's election. We're more likely to get a Shepherd than a Lavigne or Troy Carter. It's hard to unseat an incumbent, but I don't think KC's smart enough to become entrenched. Main thing is, the embarrassment could do real damage, see the next post.

BTW, Jeffrey, I think you made your comment while I was adding to the post. Not trying to be too critical, but people are trying to hurt her with those issues.
With all that has happened here and all that needs doing, this Crouere asshole is worried about human clones? Gay marriage? Women getting abortions? When are people going to wake up? I'm in the same predicament as Mominem - gerrymandered into the Jindal district to keep it from getting too "dark" - so I can't vote against Jefferson. Truly, I wish there were more inspiring candidates all around. And I would like to never hear another word about anyone having an abortion.
(Sabutai strikes again. Truly awesome! - promoted by David)

Hey, it was either this or wrap presents. So this.

In the spirit of the season, I'm going to pose the yearly question,and sketch out the exhibits -- is Santa a Republican or a Democrat?
I'll mention some of the more compelling evidence for either side below.

Exhibits for Santa as Republican:

* Wears red.
* Overweight -- clearly leaves a comfortable lifestyle.
* Expects gifts (milk and cookies) for doing his job.
* Focuses almost exclusively on Christians.
* Comfortable judging people.
* Relies on exploitative labor.
* Prefers bio-unfriendly wrapping paper.
* Also enjoys decorations centered around a slowly dying tree.
* Lives in the far north (His home may be in Canada, Alaska, or Russia. Two out of three chance.)
* Great marketing.
* White male, likely Christian (just going with the odds here).
* Strongly consumerist.
* Apparent access to lots of coal.

Exhibits for Santa as Democrat:

* Gives people things. Often when not deserved.
* Believes in magic.
* Lead agent of a conspiracy to suck the religion out of Christmas.
* Grants wishes.
* Workaholic.
* Overlooks Rudolph's differences and makes him part of the team.
* Uses bio-fueled transport.
* Possibly unemployed.
* Many appearances in TV and movies -- works in entertainment.

# Has a happy marriage.
# Hangs out in malls, enjoys talking with children.
# Has facial hair.
# Jolly.
# Competent at his job.

So what say you -- and what's your evidence?
Almost certainly Republican. The happy marriage part convinced me. "Happy marriage" should read:"appears to have a happy marriage, but 'works' long hours with his youthful male subordinates." Wonder if he emails them.
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