Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Stupid, Grouchy Questions + Some Serious Ones

Who's paying $110.00 (total) for tickets to both playoff games?
Playoff ticket prices will range from $38 to $215 if the Saints host a wild-card game or second-round playoff game. If they host the NFC championship game, prices will range from $72 to $260 per ticket.

I was expecting some increase, but I didn't expect the ticket prices to more than double. Apparently the prices were set by the NFL:
The price range is broken into the same 17 seating categories that apply in the regular season. But according to the team, a total revenue threshold is set by the NFL. The Saints make more money from a regular-season game than they would from a playoff game, a team official said.

I can only assume that it's related to revenue sharing. Still if $25. seats cost a combined $110., my $30. seat should cost $132. The Saints, or the NFL. is charging 167. Why is the mutiplier greater if you buy slightly nicer tickets? I'm seriously considering not going. For one thing, I mainly bought the season tickets to see the opening game. Also, I might have felt ripped off at over twice the regular rate, I know I will at three times. Don't know if I'd enjoy the games feeling that way. Before you tell me to stop whining and being so negative, remember, I didn't get a 10% pay raise. As a matter of fact, I took a 20% pay cut when I stopped being an underpaid city employee. I'm making 30% less than I would be if my branch of the public library system had the same turnover before Katrina and the same rate of return as another similarly sized branch. Now you know why I considered moving rather than have my tax dollars go to city pay raises. Now you can call me whiney and negative. But before you call anybody else that and tell him to go ahead and leave, think about what I was trying to say in my last comment on the last post.

For a serious question (albeit one that shows that I've been too pre-occupied with local news to follow national and international news as much as I used to): Has the U.S. totally abandoned all pretense of being part of a coalition in Iraq? If the U.S. is alone in building up its troop presence...Okay, that's a stupid question.

Thomas and Fielkow are blaming the media for their reported contretemps. Wonder if they argued about whose name came first. Probably not, Thomas is the senior member. I do hope that Fielkow isn't too serious about the "unified team" part. If Thomas doesn't start to show some leadership, somebody will need to buck him. Fielkow does have some leverage based on that the fact that Thomas is sure that he'll be the next mayor, as long as he doesn't offend too many people. I'd like to think that Arnie said something along the lines of, "If you don't surprise me with mobs and compromise proposals by your protege, I'll..." I'd like to think it, but I doubt it.

I'm inclined to believe Bruce Eggler on this one. His reporting on the city council has been first rate, even if the paper's editorial and op-ed writers have largely ignored it, while commenting on similar reporting about the governor. However, I have been left with one question about city finances -- when the city budget was passed, did the city commit to the full seven year contracts with Metro Disposal and Richards Disposal? I've inferred that it did, but none of the reporting that I've seen has explicitly stated that. Of course, if the picayune made that explicit, its editorial and op-ed writers might need to stop writing so much about the governor and start writing a little more about the mayor. I do wonder how much more point shaving James Gill has left him. I certainly don't think the Times Picayune should go easy on Blanco, but in five days its had two editorials, two Stephanie Grace columns, a Jarvis DeBerry column and a op-ed column by a capitol bureau reporter about Blanco's problems and ICF. And no new information. The editors of the Times Picayune don't seem to be much better at resource allocation than the politicians their paper covers.

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