Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Remember the Hummingbird

It might not be as catchy as "Remember the Alamo," but I just saw Sidney Torres IV on TV; I remembered the shades. I knew the Torres name, but I had forgotten the rich kid who thought he looked cool with the cell phone and sunglasses. The same guy who wanted an upscale Hummingbird is going to give us Disneyland-like garbage collection. At least he no longer poses with the cell phone.

I heard more than the beginning of Jim Brown's radio show today. Today's ten o'clock show is worth listening to. Brown's better than Couhig, but he blew it with a Mississippi and Florida caller today. The subject was Louisiana not getting as much aid as Mississippi relative to the amount of damage. Some lady from Mississippi said that they're not whining and begging in Ms., and we don't deserve help because we re-elected Nagin and Jefferson, etc.. Of course they're not going to complain if they got more money sooner. Even though she was an idiot, I couldn't help but wish that she'd call Couhig's show and say that she refuses to even change planes in New Orleans since we re-elected Nagin. The guy from Florida was also an idiot and Brown didn't correct him when he blamed the levee failures on poor maintenance. Brown should have known that most of the damage in New Orleans was caused by poorly designed and constructed floodwalls not poorly maintained levees. It's easy to find the audio on the above link, listen to it and email Brown before he has Haley Barbour on next week.

Saw the end of the first half of Sunday's Saints tivoed yesterday. There was clearly a second left when Bush stepped out of bounds. It's a moot point now, but it could have been important. I'll admit it, I thought the Saints should have kicked the field goal to make it 9-7 on the previous possession. In football talk, my brother pointed out that Chicago at home is nothing to be afraid of, they've hosted two playoff games this decade and lost both. He doesn't read my blog, let alone Ashley's. Still, with the Saints reliance on the passing game, I don't want to see them play in the snow.

Snow is not always bad for the passing game. WRs know where they're going. DB's don't. Who's more likely to slip?
My favorite part about the Hummingbird was having to go to the vending machine for a beer.

And I'm convinced Chicago will lose their first game, so we'll get 2 home games.
You're right about snow. With either snow or rain it depends on how heavily it's falling during the game. Who knows, maybe Henderson and Copper would be better at catching wet balls.

Even though I was still drinking and pulling all nighters when Torres bought the Hummingbird, I hadn't been there in a few years. So I no longer had a personal interest, but I didn't like him acting like he was doing it to help the neighborhood and the city. If somebody wanted to help gentrify the upper St. Charles skid row, there were a few bars and hotels that were a lot scummier. Still, I don't know if Torres was a part of the whole crooked sanitation deal or the sucker who was duped into taking the unprofitable part of the scheme. Neither one would surprise me.
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