Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas

If you haven't seen it yet, before to see Loki's Blog Before Christmas, as well as his other holiday offerings. Since it would have been impossible for Loki to mention everybody in that context, Happy Holidays everyone who blogs about New Orleans or just reads and occasionally comments (or just cares enough to read and follow events here). Since I didn't see them on the list, season greetings to the Lafayette Democrats and the Katrinacrats.

Obviously, Merry Christmas to (and from) The Saints. I won't jinx things with any playoff predictions, but I'm starting to think about next year's fantasy football drafts. Where will Drew Brees go in most Drafts, second among quarterbacks? Tougher question, where will Marques Colston go?

Merry Christmas to you too, BSJD. Your well-informed and instructive rants about City Hall this year have been most helpful and are much appreciated.
And Merry Christmas to you! Very nice thought you have there. I will be watching this spot more closely in 2007.
Thanks and Happy Holidays to you and yours. Don't forget that you can cross post your stuff at my blog. Blog the planet!
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