Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Go See Joe

Joe from Lafayette has some must read posts (one more) about ICF, the Fairfax, Virginia company that's been awarded a $750M contract to administer the state's Road Home program. With all the attention that the national media and Republican Party have paid to corruption and fraud, I've wondered why we haven't heard anything about ICF and the Road Home from Republican politicians (outside of Louisiana) or commentators. It seems that ICF has closer ties to the Bush administration than the Blanco administration. That's no excuse for Blanco, but with all the attention that the Picayune's been paying to the story, you'd think that it might have asked a few more questions. ICF is located in Virginia, half Of Washington D.C.'s suburbs are located in Virginia, does the phrase "inside the beltway" ring any bells on Howard Avenue? I know, it's not there job to make excuses for Blanco, but with so much ink, you'd think there'd be a few more questions and a little less repetition.

For some perspective on that $756M contract, apparently the bids ranged from $424M to $916M. That doesn't tell us anything, certainly not enough to be exculpatory. I wasn't looking to make excuses for Blanco, but I didn't think she had the oomph to mess up things that badly; not without help.

This is interesting. FEC database shows head of ICF gave almost exclusively to Dems though
Yeah, it loked that way to me when I spent a couple of minutes looking at it. Meant to look again, but saw the posts at Blagueur. I found something similar about EEC (one of the companies accused of not paying workers),BTW. I guess that even after the K street project, the companies that do big government business have connections in both parties.
Make that ECC.
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