Sunday, November 19, 2006

I Blame James Gill

It was bad enough that the Picayune's most cynical columnist tried to act like a civic booster in a truly worrisome column last week, he actually wrote:
Suddenly, moreover, we have a football team to be taken seriously. The effect on the mood of the city is invaluable.

Didn't he remember the Saints most disappointing season ever? After a great start things spiraled downward following a trip to Pittsburgh. Let's hope he only jinxed a game and not a season. I'd hate to see headlines reading: SAINTS ARE BUMMING.

Have the Saints successfully pooch punted or hit the coffin corner yet this year (I know, teams rarely aim for the coffin corner anymore)? They should possibly start considering the opponent's 40 yard line four down territory and run on third and two. Not that the play I have in mind made a bit of difference today.

I'll return to that Gill column in another post; hint:
But Katrina has turned New Orleans into the most desirable burg in America for businesses looking to relocate, according to Expansion Management magazine, which cites state and federal financial incentives and cheap labor in its list of inducements.

But it was a relief to see James Gill return to writing about conflicts of interest in today's paper. If there's a conflict of interest involving a high ranking official, Gill will be all over it. Won't he?

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