Friday, November 03, 2006

Does She Have Witnesses This Time?

"Mama D", eleven months ago:
“I was on my front porch. I have witnesses that they bombed the walls of the levee, boom, boom!”

Lolis Eric Elie described the reaction she got in Washington:
The problem is, they're talking about how crazy we are.

Now she says that Shelley Midura is out to destroy her people.

If the crazy lady would have just said that the ones that bombed the levees had turbans or burkas, we'd have cat 5 protection already...
Whose "Mama" is she? She helped wreck the School Board meetings and now apparently has her sights on the Council. She seeks to divide people while most of us are seeking to unite. Can we ship her off to Missouri to live with "18-Wheeler"?
Send her to Atlanta so Rep. Cynthia McKinney, D-Ga can support her. Ms. McKinney operates much the same way, except she can get elected to Congress.

This is the same Representative who apparently attacked a Capitol Policeman and later claimed it the Officers fault.

She also the one who got "Mama" to testify before Congress.
the double edged sword of living in an ecentric town.

we are gonna be third world as long as we put up with this shit.

we wont be new orleans if we abolish it.
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