Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Daily Howler Will Probably Discuss It

But in case Somerby missed it, there was an aggravating exchange on MSNBC around 7:30 (8:30 EST)tonight. The panel used Bob Casey's election in Pennsylvania as evidence that the Democratic party had softened its stand on abortion. Chris Matthews and a few other panelists said that Casey's father wasn't allowed to speak at the 1992 Democratic convention because he was pro-life and now the Democrats have elected his pro-life son, etc. Finally, after several minutes of "Bob Casey Sr. was excluded from the 1992 convention because he was pro-life," Howard Dean said that there was great deal of mythology around that convention. I thought it was pretty weak of Dean not to go into more detail, but fortunately, he didn't need to. Matthew changed his tune, said that he knew that it was mythology -- Bob Casey Sr. was excluded because he refused to endorse Clinton. Matthews seemed impressed with himself for knowing the truth; he didn't seemed at all embarrassed that the entire panel was happy to perpetuate a myth for the sake of a good talking point. Sorry, no link that I could find.

Also, I heard Katie Couric on CBS and somebody I didn't know on CNN refer to the fact that Steele had been endorsed by African-American officials and/or Democrat officials. Don't know if this was true or the networks were duped (H/T: Jeffrey).

I don't know why this race hasn't received more attention. Asheville's a trendy place, a born again Christian ex-jock running as a Democrat, with a good chance of unseating an incumbent Republican-- it should get some attention. I've long thought that Asheville was one of the few cities significantly smaller than N.O. that I could even consider living in. This would make it even more palatable if I ever decided to follow Harry. No, I'm not thinking about moving to Asheville, though I have in the past.

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