Monday, November 06, 2006

Comments or Input Requested

This for anyone who was in town last December or January, is my perception off, or was the fact that the city only had two electrical inspectors on the verge of becoming a major issue before the mayor's office announced that it had contracted out for the services of ten more. I wasn't getting out much at the time, so I may well have misread things. But if I'm right, shouldn't it be a much bigger issue that the administration was just making shit up when it said that the city had a full staff of wiring inspectors? Doesn't that say something about the mayor's credibility now?

After the storm, I was only here around Thanksgiving and Christmas; and I remember hearing that about the 2 inspectors -- although I guess I could have read it online while I was out of town. But at some point, the word was we only had 2.
We did only have two. I thought it was becoming a big deal until the mayor (or Meffert) announced that the city had hired (or contracted out) for 10 more, with more on the way.

I personally was suspicious of the claim that the city didn't lay off any after Katrina. It had 10 but went down to 2. Even if none were laid off, I bet that none were encouraged to come back and offered a place on one of the cruise ships if they came back. Those berths weren't all for first responders, even a couple of library employees were offered them. I suspect that there were deals involved in the contracting out of the work.
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