Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Nagin Family Will Be Completely Legitimate

From today's Picayune :
The goal set by the executive order, which extends for three years, calls for any company that gets public financing, incentives or subsidies to use local businesses for at least 50 percent of its subcontracts. Of those, the order calls for 35 percent to be with small businesses that are "economically disadvantaged," a city certification that typically targets minority-owned or women-owned small companies.

Sounds good, but WTF:
Exactly what these requirements will involve will be determined by Donna Addkison, the mayor's executive assistant for economic development, housing and planning. She will establish the process for determining what will be required of individual companies, Williams said.
How many times in the past have we read things like:
Omni's offer wasn't the cheapest of the six offers the city received. But the city didn't have to pick the low bidder, an experienced firm, because the job was considered a professional service rather than a finite task.

The contract for removing "abandoned and damaged vehicles" is a professional services one, meaning the mayor is not required by law to select the lowest bidder

Why bother breaking the law?

I have a theory about this and at the risk of sending my little corner of cyber reality into the political domain I intend to offer it there shortly.

Thanks for the opportunity for a shameless plug.
Classic post title, godfather.
The Picayune article didn't seem very clear to me. If there are set requirement to get the city contracts are even the tax breaks, wht's Addkison determing?

But if she's determining what level of minority participation businesses need for kind of incentives, on individual basis, it sounds scary to me.
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