Friday, October 27, 2006

Mark Major for Mayor?

Just kidding, but at least it only takes the RTA four months to correct a mistake. Back in June, the RTA decided paper over a political conflict by increasing upper level pay:
Under the plan, General Manager Bill Deville would move into a new position: director of capital recovery. Deville would be replaced by Mark Major, the RTA’s deputy general manager for finance and administration.

Reiss said he will recommend that Deville retain his $125,000 salary and that Major’s $100,000 salary increase by $25,000.

Deville has come under fire in recent months from several RTA commissioners...

This despite the fact that RTA was broke and forced to layoff most of it workforce.

So why would I even joke about making the head of the RTA mayor? Like I said, it only took the RTA four months to correct a mistake:
RTA fires demoted top manager
By Frank Donze

Bill Deville, the Regional Transit Authority's former general manager, has been fired four months after he was demoted amid criticism from RTA board members for signing contracts without their approval, RTA officials confirmed Thursday.

Asked Thursday if anyone has been named to fill Deville's job, Major said, "The position no longer exists."

Actually, the move probably had more to do with politics than a desire to economize. The new chairman of the RTA is a Nagin pal and BNOB board member, so I'm sure they know all about the exploding pie. But it was nice to think that at least one branch of local government was behaving responsibly. Also, Frank Donze says that it was Jimmy Reiss' plan to pad the payroll at the top while laying off half the workforce. The city paid consultants at least $1.8M for that expert advice.

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