Monday, October 16, 2006

Is He Talking About New Orleans?

Bill Clinton:

"There's never been a more secretive, unaccountable administration."

Gordon Russell (of The Times Picayune):
Though The Times-Picayune has filed three public-records requests with City Hall for information about technology contracts, it took more than a month for city officials to produce a response.

The first request was filed more than a month ago, and the law requires a response within three days. On Friday, the Nagin administration said the records are being compiled and "as soon as (they) are available, we will contact you immediately."

When all that became public, Nagin spokeswoman Ceeon Quiett said: "We are concerned with any perception that inappropriate behavior may have occurred. . . . Therefore, be assured that this matter will be handled appropriately."

But she never said what form appropriate handling might take. Pressed for details about, for instance, whether the mayor planned any kind of review of Imagine's contracts, Quiett wouldn't say, instead offering a bafflingly circular explanation: "You can rest assured that any actions we take, we will definitely let you know."

"I'm not saying there is or there isn't any review taking place," Quiett said. "I'm saying that if something happens regarding this story, we will definitely let you know."

In another matter, I found an article that illustrates why the re-appointment of Nagin's business partner (in the real estate business) is a big deal. It's an old article, but I believe the aviation board still owns most of the land. When I mentioned the article in response to Schroeder's comment on a recent post, I should have made it clearer when I shifted from talking about the aviation board to talking about the library board.

Also, I'll probably lose any credibility for mentioning this, but Dan Packer and Ray Nagin seem awfully chummy. Before I hear anything about suggesting something totally outlandish, the Fortune 500 company--Entergy Corp. is an entirely separate entity from Entergy New Orleans, remember?

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