Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Is the City Hiring More Cops?

When the city council meets to discuss city pay raises, somebody other than I should really question the education's Ph.D.'s numbers (I'm not knocking any advanced degree, but her Ph.D. isn't exactly in finance). I said before that the figures we were given could only be explained by a very low number of classified workers left, or very little hiring of new police officers.

Now, something interesting shows up on
Compared with a force of 1,668 before the flood, the department now employs 1,425 officers. Of those, 109 are on sick leave and top officials believe 150 more have put in applications at other departments, who have contacted NOPD for references
Starting a wide-ranging recruitment campaign, with the goal of hiring 250 to 350 new officers over the next couple years -- the number Stellingworth said will be necessary to accommodate normal attrition levels -- will be a key test of the city's bureaucracy, depleted of money and personnel..

If a sizable percentage of the remaining work force is unclassified, discussing a pay plan that only discusses the cost of pay increases fclassifiedied workers is laughable. The mayor's numbers don't add up, but nobody on the council seems to want to question them.

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