Thursday, October 05, 2006

I Kinda Predicted It

But you had to click the right link in Saturday's post:
I also wonder if the delay is related to today's article about awarding reconsruction contracts to minority businesses. I totally approve of that, but two big minority subcontractors on other reconstruction work are a major Nagin campaign contributor and a firm with close ties to Nagin's former CAO.

Well, we found out who the two contractors were (From
Under the deals, Richard’s Disposal Inc. will earn $12 million annually through 2013 to haul trash from 60,000 homes and small businesses in the city’s most densely populated areas, including Algiers, Uptown, Central and parts of Mid-City, Nagin said. Metro Disposal Inc. will earn $8 million per year to provide the same service in neighborhoods north of Esplanade and City Park avenues and into eastern New Orleans.

The firms have worked as minority subcontractors for at least three years under the city’s current $18 million annual agreement with Waste Management.

I was referring to Richards Disposal, but Metro disposal showed up more than once as a Nagin Campaign donor. So did AMID Landfill, which seemed to be Metro's partner in AMID Metro, which also was a Nagin campaign donor.

The Picayune mentions that Metro's owner, Jimmie Woods, had ties to the Morial administration. It left out his connections to Eddie Jordan. For what it's worth, there are two Jimmie Woods listed in the phone book. One would seem to be a neighbor of our last two mayors.

The two firms probably just impressed the mayor with their impressive work for waste management.

Pointless Note: As I was walking my flat tired bike from St. Bernard to Harrison yesterday, I looked to see if the driver of a car coming off of Park Island was Nagin. Turned out to be Glenn Haydel. Makes you wonder if the FBI or Justice Department has a separate file on the Park Island Boys or Park Island Gang.

Lets see, these two contracts total $20 million, that $2 million more for half the work with more inconvience for the citizens.

Great Job.
I expect the "honest" mayor that we elect after eight years of Nagin will have no choice but to buy out the contracts. Just as Nagin had no choice but to buy out Haydel's RTA contract.
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