Sunday, September 24, 2006

WTF? F******, What The F***?

Gentilly Girl, Jeffrey and I mentioned it on a day when relatively few local bloggers tend to post, so will the Times Picayune please give a little more detail on one of yesterday's front page stories? How does a consulting group determine that, even though it's been overbilling its customers, Entergy New Orleans deserves a rate increase? Saying that it needs the increase doesn't quite cover it.

I'm also a little curious about Legend Consulting; I never heard of it before. A google search didn't turn up anything that seemed the City Council advisers. A google news search only turned up yesterday's T/P story. A search for Legend Consulting LLC turned up something strange. So exactly who, or what, is Legend Consulting? Is it one of those politically connected firms formed to cash in on Katrina Reconstruction? I don't know, but I would like to know how much the city's paying it.

Update: Legend Consulting LTD does show up on list of Nagin campaign contributions prior to Katrina, and it consulted with the city council about NOPSI in 1995, so it's apparently not another MCCI. Still, I am curious, and the MCCI case demostrates why that question should be asked of every city contract.

thanks for hitting on this. i was wondering the same thing about how they could come to the conclusion that we still owe them money.
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