Thursday, September 21, 2006

They Left Out the Part About Leaping Tall Buildings

I'm sure somebody else has already done this, but I just read the mayor's official bio on the city web site.
Mayor Nagin's progressive policies resolved to erase the image of New Orleans as place where graft is part of the old world charm.

Somebody was paid to write that the policies resolved? Have to wonder whether it was a municipal employee, or did somebody get a professional service contract to write that? (There's an obvious cheap shot, but I'm strictly an amateur.)
Under Mayor Nagin's Leadership, Hollywood South was created and New Orleans became the second city behind Hollywood for film production, bringing in nearly a half billion dollars in the last few years.

If you could possibly give any one elected official the lion's share of the credit for that, wouldn't it be Mitch Landrieu?

Other great lines include:
The world is seeing us with different eyes these days," says Mayor Nagin. "We are no longer considered just a great place to party. People are starting to realize New Orleans is a great place to do business."

Most recently, Mayor Nagin again defied the odds by defeating twenty-two other candidates and the media to win a second term...Mayor Nagin was out spent four to one during the campaign.

Gill wrote another Yachtgate opinion piece today (Fri).

Given the paucity of new details on this scandal, I was impressed he devoted another whole column to it.
You don't find it embarrassing for the city website to say that Nagin ran against the media?

There's a paucity of details about actual law-breaking; that's why I wish the Picayune wouldn't focus so narrowly on this story and look at lack of transparency and cavalier attitude toward spending city money in general. They've given a lot more attention to much less wasteful spending than this administration has engaged in.

Today's Gill column was more trenchant than the last one, but restrained by Gill standards, IMO.
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