Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Quote of the Day

From today's Daily Howler:
According to Senior, Blumenthal and Lapham’s work isn’t likely “to win over undecided readers.” If you actually care about political outcomes, things like that might actually matter. But we extremely excited web liberals don’t much seem to care about that. It almost seems that we’re mainly in love with our unrivaled brilliance—with our genius, with the fact that nothing we do could be wrong.

Substitute New Orleanians for web liberals and you describe a lot of New Orleanians (not just bloggers), myself included. In some cases self-righteousness might be a good substitute for brilliance; again, I'm not just thinking of bloggers.

I don't know if it's noticeable or not, but I decided to tone down my criticism of the Times Picayune a few weeks ago for similar reasons. There might have been some gratuitous snark at the end of the last post, but the post was reasonably restrained. I still think that one of the main functions of bloggers is to point out questions that the press isn't asking, except for bloggers who can actually report on what the press is missing. So I'm not planning any major changes, just a less caustic tone.

However, I do still plan a post about the paper's shameless propagandist, unless he explains the (no longer available online) Douglas Brinkley and B'rer Nagin columns. Before I do that, I'm curious about how many people actually saw any press coverage of the other local Martin Luther King Day march last January. If you watched the noon news, you saw coverage of a protest march that followed the traditional route through the Lower Ninth Ward. "Chocolate City" knocked it off the evening news, but some people took the fact that Nagin changed the parade as a sign that the Lower Ninth Ward wouldn't be resettled. While I'm sure that the was "oreo" was used quite frequently, on the one televised report that I saw, "land grab" seemed to be the preferred anti-Nagin slogan. Seems to me that if "Chocolate City" was a reaction to "Oreo," it was also a reaction to "land grab" and an outgrowth of his own use of the term "NIMBY." It's old news, but DeBerry brought it up this month. If it was a reaction to anything, was "Chocolate City" a reaction to "Oreo" or "land grab?"

Somebody has to point it out:

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