Saturday, September 30, 2006

Is He Joking?

From today's Picayune:
The second order, CRN 06-16, forecasts purchasing and procurement opportunities as the city rebuilds its infrastructure. Like the previous order, it also provides for local businesses to have access to the private market. With "transparent spending policies in place," Nagin's office said, "the city is better able to position its local small businesses to access private markets."

Bad News?
WWL loses two
News director accepts job in Phoenix and takes reporter-husband with her

Breland, the station's news director for more than a decade, had accepted the same job at Phoenix independent KTVK-TV, owned by WWL's parent company, Belo Corp., and she and McNamara, parents of two school-age kids, were making the big move out and up.

I don't know anything about the inner workings of WWLTV but this could be worrisome. Any change at the first station to report accurately on the UNOP FUBAR, and the only news source to report on the city's energy consultants or the true level of police protection in the city could be bad.

College Pick of the Week:

I intentionally waited until game time for this because I'm no longer confident in my handicapping abilities: Ole Miss+18 over Ga.

Only risk is that Ga. needs a big win to make up for last week. But Ole Miss is at home and Ga. doesn't have the offense to be favored by 18 over anybody. Of course, with their defense, they might not need to score much more.

There's one quarter to go, but it looks like Ole Miss was a great pick.

Nice one!
Every so often you see one that jumps out at you, but since I haven't even tried to pick games in years, I didn't want to encourage anybody to make a bet. Everyone says that it's easier to find good picks in college, I always found it somewhat easier to find good dogs than favorites.
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