Thursday, September 07, 2006

Funny Librarians

I gave up on even trying to be clever when my comment about Greg Meffert playing more roles than Harold Hecuba got absolutely no response--none, zero, donut egg; Jeffrey's, usually good for a witty line or two, though. Well, we found out in a letter to the editor today that the funniest librarian in the city is none other than Lance Query, Dean of Libraries at Tulane:
Better yet, the mayor should follow the second rule of an effective administrator: If you are wrong, admit it and correct your mistake.

In H.H.'s words, "Now that's a hot one."

But it wasn't even the funniest letter in today's paper; that honor belongs to Ginger Burke of New Orleans:
Although Mayor Ray Nagin may not be living up to everyone's expectations, realistic or not, he should get credit for the things he has accomplished. That lukewarm article about the surprisingly good health of the city budget, postponing the necessity to tap a $150 million credit line, which they said he would never get, was especially irritating.

I've never made fun of an ordinary citizen in this blog, and I don't want to start now. But I do hope that somebody explains to Ms. Burke that she was 100% wrong about that article; it was irritating, but she was completely wrong about why. As I pointed out before,the article wasn't nearly critical enough. We can now reasonably infer that Nagin was willing to needlessly commit the city to millions of dollars in interest costs, just so that he could make a pre-election announcement.

Sorry, I didn't know who H.H. was.
That wasn't really serious. I used to throw the occasional reference to things like wrestling or Gilligan's Island to see if anyone would notice. I realized that either nobody was paying attention or all my references were dated. Still, I thought everybody remembered Phil Silvers and the musical version of Hamlet.
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