Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Fox Sports

When I put up that last post, I thought that some people might be interested in how FOX sports covers post Katrina New Orleans. From what I saw when I walked by today's filming, the announcer was definitely trying to get a college audience excited. I don't expect much mention of the city when it airs (supposedly at 11:00) tonight.

Note to Vicky, and anybody else interested in seeing Robert Randolph tomorrow, there was no sign of Cowboy Mouth when I passed by shortly after 5:00 and again just before 6:00 today. Robert Randolph's site says he'll be performing a mini-concert at the end of the taping. I have no idea whether a mini-concert will be long enough to be worthwhile, but I wouldn't rush to get there too early.

On a personal note, it's amazing the memories that working in a university library brings back. Even though I went UNO, I often found the Loyola and Tulane libraries more convenient to use. The memories probably have more to do with the fact that Tulane's rathskellar was a bit of an uptown high school hangout when I was a teenager, probably more for Franklin students than some other high schools. One memory that's come back is how much young people in their teens and early twenties define their personalities in terms of the bands they like. What I had forgotten is how much really young people define themselves by the bands they don't like.

Thanks for the reply - guess I may wait 'til next time he plays at Tip's.
I had to respond.
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