Friday, September 01, 2006

Does He Even Give A Damn About Details?

Jarvis DeBerry that is. Hard to knock the man for defending New Orleans and criticizing Fox News, but I had to shake my head at something I read in his column today:
Cavuto argued that more than $100 billion had been committed to New Orleans.

Yes, Deberry is correct to point that the money hasn't been sent and that Richard Simmons was a terrible choice as the pro-New Orleans guest, but he didn't seem to see anything else wrong with that sentence.

This isn't just about the $100B figure, there's something far worse with that sentence. DeBerry doesn't seem to notice that Cavuto said the money is going to New Orleans.

The news reports, especially the ones about Mississippi not getting enough attention, often imply that New Orleans is getting all of the aid, but I wasn't aware that Fox was actually saying that. Unfortunately, Fox doesn't provide transcripts and DeBerry's the columnist who somehow managed to use anti-Landrieu campaigning by the GNOR as example of Nagin's tremendous disadvantage in the recent election.

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