Monday, July 03, 2006

Why Not Try a Little Political Judo

Last week the two councilmen-at-large called on the mayor to end the state of emergency. Now he's in Houston, as part of what may, or may not, be a national tour. So, instead of demanding an end to the mayor's emergency powers, why not pass a resolution saluting the mayor for the wonderful job he's done steering the city through the emergency and complimenting him on the great he's done representing the city, as well. But, since the emergency continues when the mayor is doing such wonderful things in other places, some high ranking official or elected representative should be designated to have emergency powers when the mayor is away--the lack of any one person to take responsibility for the church demolition could be respectfully cited.

Why does the mayor travel so much anyway? He certainly couldn't be delusional to have national ambitions, could he? Actually, there are national jobs other than the obvious ones--now I'm getting an absurd idea. More realistically, you know man, you can pull in a lot of Benjamins on the national lecture circuit.

Updates: While in Houston, the mayor said that he didn't know who was sending untrue messages that the city was not recovering. Damn lying Tsunami victims.

Something I didn't notice when I first read the Stephanie Grace column cited above:
In other words, they want in. And as long as they're willing to be productive partners, Nagin should welcome them.

Not that any reluctance he might show wouldn't be understandable.

Is she kidding us? What job does she think the mayor was re-elected to? If they promise to behave themselves, the mayor should let the recently elected council do its job. I haven't looked up the law, but I imagine that, at some point, the council would have some legal recourse. Whether in court or the state legislature, nobody would want that. BTW, I really don't hate Stephanie Grace (or Jarvis DeBerry either). We've never met, and I agree with her more often than not. But she knows better than that.

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