Sunday, July 02, 2006

Updates and the Usual Long-Winded Stuff

WGSO didn't didn't air Informed Sources at 5:00 p.m. yesterday, don't know if the other times are valid. The NOPD wasn't a major topic of conversation--Norman Robinson expressed doubts about the manpower figures, talked about how overworked and exhausted the remaining officers were, and then changed the subject. Look, I don't expect all of the statements by any official to be consistent with each other or with facts that have changed. I just expect some of those statements to be consistent with each other, and the known facts at the time. As for why I'm so obsessed with it, if you're going to give anybody increased powers to expedite the recovery, that calls for more, not less,scrutiny. I would think that would be a no-brainer. Anyway, dozens of other local bloggers make the case for increased federal funding--the federal government accepting responsibility, rather. Also, quite frankly, I just can't put my heart into demanding more resources when nobody in city government seems willing to account for the resources that it does have.

That said, I can't think of any issues more important than those raised in yesterday's Picayune. I see that, in addition to oyster, Gentilly Girl and Adrastos have also mentioned it. When a newspaper obtains a draft report, it often means that somebody is testing the water. If that's the case, that's all the more reason to react quickly and loudly. I would definitely suggest emails or something to bring it to the attention of the national media, if no major outlets pick-up the story.

Finally, I updated my blogroll (although I'm sure that I missed some people) and changed the comments, so that anyone can post a comment. Didn't realize that failure to close a quotation mark caused one link-2millionth weblog--not to appear, and the one below it--Wet Bank Guide--to not work. Wonder why blogger alerts you when you make that mistake in the text of a post, but not on your template. Sorry to wait so long on the comments, didn't realize that was the default setting when I started blogging and it only came to my attention once or twice (in passing) before I started a new job in May. In my defense, after work, I was always too tired to deal with something that I was afraid would be irritating with technical detail (it wasn't), and this was my first real weekend since last July.

I first decided to mention peg-intron because I thought that teratogens had some relevance to the debate over Plan B and birth control. I never thought that it could be a major talking point, but I still think that it has some value as a minor talking point. My reasons for bringing up the treatment since have been somewhat less noble. Say something too angry on this or anyone else's blog (not to mention in my personal life), just whip out that doctor's note saying:

Please excuse David's bad behavior, he's taking a medication that can cause increased irritability, anger and even homicidal ideation.

It can also cause depression and suicidal ideation, but I just decided to stay too angry to be susceptible to depression. After, all the medicine does weaken you too much to really act on the anger and homicidal ideation, also it thins the blood--patients are strongly advised to avoid activities that could lead to bruising or bleeding. I think picking fights with construction workers might qualify, or is that another excuse?

I guess that means I'll have to can that "Sinn Fein Begins at Home" post. Also means no more excuse for sloppy unfocused writing--impaired concentration. Also means no more excuse for staying home watching the Sci-Fi channel on Friday night.

I will do a post on how the treatment affected my opinion of at least two Katrina related issues and maybe even Lance Armstrong, but that it will need to wait. Having gone through a year (actually 48 weeks, it's relevant to that future post) of peg-intron, which involves one injection a week, has made me realize how difficult regular interferon treatment (3 injections a week) must be. If you should find yourself dealing with a regular interferon patient, treat him with the respect and consideration he deserves--what I underwent is much easier. If you find yourself talking to somebody who overuses a certain Nietzsche quote, tell him from me: what doesn't kill me, can still suck.

i'm new to the blog. are you getting these for cancer treatment?

i like your take on the old 'that that does not kill you...' thing...i went thru cancer treatment last summer (for the second time in 10 years) and i sure heard that a lot.

hang in there. as an N.O. expat, i am able to follow what's happening.

thank you.
let me rephrase that.

'hang in there. as an N.O. expat, i am grateful to you that i'm able to follow what's happening in the aftermath of katrina.'
On that last point, I hope you're reading some of the blogs toward the top of my blogroll (arastos down to YRHT). I've been way too narrow , obsessive even, in my focus lately.

On the rest, I just finished up the treatment for hepatitis C. I don't pretend for one minute to have gone anything as tough as what cancer patients undergo. Peg-intron's only one injection a week--as opposed to three for regular interferon--although the rebetron pills that you take with it have many of the same side effects. Anyway, effects vary and I was apparently one of the lucky ones who made it through relatively easily. I haven't had my follow-up doctor's visit yet, but it seems to have gone well.

But that was enough of a taste to know what it's like. I hope you don't have undergo treatment again, did your doctors think the treatment was sucessful?
As someone who has had Hep C for over two decades, good for you with your treatments! (Mine hasn't "turned on".)

Having done HRT for HIV over many years, I can sympathize with what you are describing. I'm so happy that I don't do that stuff anymore.

Keep it up!
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