Thursday, July 13, 2006


Did Rob Couhig really say that a learning curve is a good thing for a mayor? Stephanie Grace, in today's paper:
Still, Couhig argued, the administration's task is more difficult than most such efforts. There was no transition period between election and inauguration, for one thing

I'm not really sure what Couhig meant by that, but there was a lot of talk about perceptions. I assume that Couhig meant that people aren't giving Nagin the grace period that they'd give a new mayor. Didn't Couhig help re-elect Nagin because he wouldn't need a grace period.

But what do I know? Either my reading comprehension's not what I thought it was, or Couhig's light years beyond me in his thinking. Frankly, I had no idea what to think when he mentioned serendipity and non-lnear planning in the Nagin administration. Didn't he help re-elect Nagin because he understood business?

However, I'm little worried about Stephanie Grace's job security; she seems to be straying from the party line:
Couhig said the initiative includes resumption of street maintenance, the opening of several city pools, and the launch of a $5 million enhanced trash pickup effort. Also on the list, Couhig said, was the appointment of former Attorney General Richard Ieyoub -- who works in Couhig's firm -- as liaison to the criminal justice system, which Couhig deemed a crucial step to making the system functional again.
(my emphasis)

Wonder if she intended the irony of having a quote about the "city progressing back to normal" precede the above. She may have, but I doubt she meant to be quite that skeptical.

My hunch is Stephanie meant to be ironic. She's always run hot and cold on C Ray. Right now the cold water tap is on.
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