Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Halfway There Jarvis, Halfway

That was nice column in today's paper:

It's hard to stay here, but harder to leave

Nice column, really. But might I be so bold as to suggest a companion piece:

It's hard to stay here, if you're the mayor

Oh, if this gets your attention Jarvis, could you show your editors a comment that I made on another blog. You can skip the part about voir dire in Calvin Johnson's courtroom being a pool of quicksand (although that seems to be a common opinion) and show them the part that concerns your paper:
Thing about the story is: yes it's a worthwhile story, but they're up to (at least) 2 front pages, 6 interior pages, an editorial and one op-ed piece on CLE-- something that cost a few hundred thou and that even Rafael Goyeneche said was mainly a matter of symbolism. The T/P's allocating its resources about as well as the city and state governments that it covers. Of course CLE is a "major" scandal that doesn't involve C. Ray.

Aren't there other things your paper could spare some of that ink for? There was a sewerage contract to a barely formed, but politically connected, firm that cost ten times as much as that judicial conference; yet you've given it a tenth as much ink. That's just one example.

It's getting to be an obsession, but they make it so easy.

I just asked Mr. Russell at the T-P to continue fact finding about Coleman and B. Edwards. If this is business as usual in New Orleans (which it appears to be...), then we need to expose it. Seriously, how can this kind of crap continue after what New Orleans has been through? I will post my questions at my blog.
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