Sunday, July 09, 2006


Just to clarify, I never took speculation and said that it proved Nagin was a crook. I merely took inconsistencies in Nagin's statements and other matters of public record and asked why Nagin's squeaky-clean image was taken for granted and why there was never any follow-up reporting on some questionable contract decisions. Just wanted to clarify.

They tems I refer to are still matters of publc record (though no longer working links on The Picayune's website), so why have there been no followup stories or federal investigations? And why do even Nagin's detractors tend to say, "Well, at least he's honest?"

Reading some of the discussion on other posts about making accusations without proof made me realize that someone could think that about me. I'm certainly not paranoid enough to think anybody had me mind, or conceited enough to think that people think that much about what I post, but a casual reading could give the wrong impression. All I've ever accused anyone of is a ridiculous refusal to ask obvious questions. Of course, I've accused the entire local media, as well a large percentage of the local populace of that and there was a fair amount of scorn and anger in my tone.

Try Google News or just Google. If you write the query just right, you may find a cached version of the old articles.
Thanks for the tip, it often helps if you have the exact title. Unfortunately, I threw away several articles that I thought I had permanent links to. I will decide which links I find myself looking for frequently and find them.

Before I spend the time I'll see if Dambala has enough to post. If so, the stories about questionable contracting willl resurface. If not I'll take the time to find them, either online or at a library. There's certainly enough there to insist that Nagin be subjected to the same scrutiny as any politician, especially with so much at stake. I'd like to think that we'd have seen some follow-up stories in the Picayune last year, if Katrina hadn't struck. At the very least, an editorial warning the mayor about appearances would have been in order then, there's been more since.
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