Sunday, June 25, 2006

Who's the Chubby Chaser at the Picayune?

Remember that picture of a judge in swim trunks that dominated the front page of last Sunday's paper? Did you notice that the T/P thought it was worth showing again, on yesterday's letters' page (sorry, no link available)? This brings up a question of some personal interest. I'm no longer the Spring chicken that I used to be and I just had my last injection of a medicine that's kept me from exercising for the last year. The question is, once the effects wear off (in a week or so, I hope), will it be worth it to start exercising again? Or, are there many people as attracted to middle-aged bellies as somebody at the Picayune seems to be?

One hesitates to speculate here.

I will just say that exercising would seem like the safe bet (once you are able).
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