Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Just to clarify, I think the proposal is a serious one that deserves serious consideration; just not one that should be rushed into. Does anyone, either in state or local government or in the media, actually ever know in advance how much we'll end up paying when we hear that FEMA will pay for something? Seems like there are usually bills later when FEMA pays for something, but I haven't studied the issue closely.

As for as rich families that have their own international corporations go, I have a rather high opinion of the Pritzkers. If I remember correctly, they made a serious bid to buy the Saints (as a New Orleans team) and only lost out because the NFL was opposed to corporate ownership, even if the major shareholders are all part of the same family. I think that they actually put in a better bid than Benson. That's all from memory, the facts could be way off.

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