Saturday, May 20, 2006

Very Quick Post

If you missed it, read the article in the Picayune about the city's wonderful $150M loan package. Pay attention to the details and the think about the mayor's election week announcement of a loan package with "very favorable terms" that could finally lay to rest all talk of banruptcy.

Perhaps then you'll understand why I get so fucking pissed off when I hear otherwise intelligent analysts like Stephanie Grace repeat bullshit myths like the following crap:

Or maybe, like Nagin, they're just not as politically minded,

Fact is the impression of Nagin as honest and well-meaning, but in over his head is just plain wrong. He's a thoroughly dishonest, self-centered prick who's put being re-elected ahead of governing for months now.

And yes, I did just use more profanity than I have in six or seven months of blogging, but I will back up that last assertion. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do so last week.


I like the emotion and passion. I agree. Unfortunately or fortanately, we've got 4 more years.
Nagin is a prick from Hell.

Unfortunately, he has to deal with all of us.

Poor bastard. He's screwed.
With all the talk of uniting behind the mayor, it will be especially important to point out when it's not just his judgement that's questionable, but his integrity. Otherwise who knows how long it will be before the press and the new city council question his emergency powers to award contracts, grant permits and generally mess things up.
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