Thursday, May 25, 2006

No Egg On My Face

The money that Glen Haydel agreed to repay the RTA was money that he admitted to stealing. It wasn't the buyout money that the city agreed to pay him. Haydel was already under federal investigation when Nagin terminated the contract. I still believe that Nagin essentially plucked some low hanging fruit (i.e. taxicab bureau probe didn't go very far) to establish an overblown image as a reformer. Actually, that impression was fairly widespread for awhile, don't know how the reformer image took root so strongly.

Was I the only person, who thought of Nagin's oh-so-clever, "who's taking care of fishy" joke today? For such a likeable guy, he sure has a petty mean streak. T/P still hasn't corrected its assertion that Nagin spent half as much as Landrieu. Now that the election is over, I really hope that its reporters start doing their jobs, and begin to pay more attention to his claims about city finances than his claims about city finances. I'd still like to know why they chose to compare Nagin's spending to that of all his opponents combined.

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